Koree's Kare prides itself in being a sustainable & ethical brand! Since we are such a small business, we don't have the common certifications to prove that we are not greenwashing. So what is the next best thing... TRANSPARENCY

If you have any recommendations for better brands that we could source our materials from please let us know by filling out the form on our CONTACT US page!


First, despite Koree's Kare portraying to be a business run by multiple people, we are NOT. Koree's Kare is solely run by our founder, Jaylah Koree Webb. She purchases the materials, makes the products by hand in a traditional kitchen, runs our social media pages & sites etc. 

Whipped Body Butter Ingredients

Our refined Shea + Mango Butter is sourced from Wild Herb Soap Co.,  a certified organic supplier located in Arizona. This small family-owned business prides itself in being the "healthy choice for natural living."

Our unrefined Jojoba Oil  and Vitamin E Oil (Argentinian) is sourced from Dr. Adorable Inc., a certified organic supplier located in Chicago. Dr. Adorable is a certified medical doctor who makes body products as a hobby.

Our Essential Oils are all sourced from GreenHealth. GreenHealth was founded 20 years ago in Lorton, Virginia (where we are located.) Due to our zero waste values and the fact that essential oils high levels of acidity and the risk of bpa-leeching from plastic, we buy them in either glass or aluminum containers. 


Our boxes are sourced from Ecoenclose, a brand that takes pride in supplying the world's most eco-friendly shipping supplies! Our boxes are made from recycled materials and 97% post consumer content. They are also biodegradable as well as recycleable!

Our tape is sourced from Ecoenclose! This tape is made out of paper and is completely plastic-free. The tape is made from high performing corn starch adhesive and is water activated! We use this tape to not only remind our customers how devoted we are to caring for the environment, but to also remind them to properly dispose of the shipping supplies. 

Our custom Thank You cards are sourced from Ecoenclose! They are made from 100% recycled materials. The ink is water-based and an 100% post- consumer waste printing substrate is used to create the faded look. These cards are naturally biodegradable & compostable due to their milkweed content! 

Our Zero Waste shipping labels are sourced from Ecoenclose! These labels are direct thermal labels, are made from recycled materials, utilize recycle compatible adhesive and are curbside recyclable! 

Our cold packs are sourced from Uline. These packs are reusable, non-toxic, & leakproof! Do dispose of simply use scissors to cut open the pack, pour the contents down the drain and recycle the pouch!