Here at Koree's Kare we are committed to encouraging a market for more sustainable products. This is why we have decided to offer our own recycling program.

Here's what to do...

Step 1: Save 5 of your empty whipped body butter or candle containers of any size

Step 2: Email us at in order to receive a free return shipping label

Step 3: Use the return shipping label to send your 5 empty containers that will be thoroughly sanitized by us and reused in future restocks

Tip: For an even better eco-conscious approach, ship the empty containers back in a box that you have already used previously instead of buying a new box!

Step 4: We will send you a 10% off discount code once we receive your 5 containers as a thank you from us and the planet!

Help us become completely zero waste. If uninterested in returning the items, we ask that you reuse your container to store food, coins, hair ties, plant propagations  etc. But by all means, please do not throw it away after use as it is metal and can be reused countless times.

And Remember there is no Planet B!